O impacto social da Liberty na Europa

Social Impact

We work to serve as a force for social good

Liberty Seguros aims to serve as a force for social good by supporting our most vulnerable neighbours and considering the societal impacts of our business decisions.

Through our social impact work, we help our employees, customers and the communities in which we live and work to embrace today and pursue tomorrow.  Because we believe that progress happens when people feel secure, we work to deliver that security to all of our stakeholders.

Commitment to promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities

A core pillar of our work in the communities in which we operate is the promotion of greater equity and inclusion for people with disabilities. When people can participate fully and safely in every aspect of life — at work, at home, in school or in the community — they are free to pursue their goals with confidence. We believe in advancing access for people with disabilities by partnering with educational, cultural and recreational programs that ensure inclusive environments. In doing so, it aims to break down barriers and create new opportunities for people with disabilities.


Liberty Race Social Impact

Serve with Liberty

Serve with Liberty is our community service program. As part of it, Liberty Seguros in Europe employees spend the day working on projects for our community partners.

Work from home test

Sustainable communities

Thanks to our digital working model, employees can live wherever they want within their country of employment. Since the digital working model was launched, the majority of new hires have been based in locations outside of the cities in which we have offices. Remote working is an effective pathway to achieving decent work and economic growth, reduced inequality, sustainable cities and communities, and climate action.

Liberty joins Grow Remote in Ireland

Grow Remote

In June 2021 in Ireland, we became the first non-tech company partner of Grow Remote to support their work towards making a more sustainable and inclusive Ireland with remote working. This partnership in line with our identity and values of putting people first and our focus on enriching the communities in which we operate.