Our Commitment

Helping people embrace today and confidently pursue tomorrow

Corporate Sustainability

At Liberty, we believe insurance is a socially responsible product that delivers security to individuals, families and businesses so they can protect what they cherish most and pursue their dreams with confidence. That’s a huge responsibility — and we take it seriously.

Our purpose to help people embrace today and confidently pursue tomorrow extends to all our stakeholders — customers, employees, investors, regulators and the communities where we work and live. To fulfill this purpose, we rely on a thoughtful and thorough approach to managing ESG.

Our Global ESG Approach & Strategy

Our ESG ambition: Advance resilience and inclusive growth.

Our strategic pillars:

Increase customer resilience

Enable sustainable growth

Improve lives and communities

Advance diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI)

In Europe, we held workshops, a materiality assessment and ESG training with Leadership in 2021 to define our how we would implement our global strategy at a local level.

The result of which was an agreement to accelerate ESG culture at Liberty Seguros, the identification of European focus areas and the setting up of an ESG & DEI working group to activate our ESG global strategy at a local level.