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Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow

We will fulfill Our Purpose by creating a more diverse workforce with equitable opportunities and an inclusive environment for all.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Liberty Seguros

In 2022 we launched our DEI Plan, with the main goal of being a company where our employees and customers across the globe feel included and that they belong. In addition to making Liberty a Best Place to Work, this will help us to grow in more innovative thinking and products; increased company performance and productivity; stronger work relationships and also to retain the best talent from the broadest pool.


Our commitment

We are committed to promote the principle of equality and non-discrimination and advance equal treatment and opportunities among all the people who make up Liberty Seguros by:

  • Shaping our culture by influencing our policies, practices, and behaviours.
  • Enhancing career opportunities and professional development of women.
  • Provide equal opportunities for all genders to access training and development to extend and achieve their full potential.
  • Consider the strengths and skills of staff and create development plans that reflect them.
  • Promote gender equality and foster inclusion into HR policies and processes.

Equality Statistics


of employees are women


of managers positions are held by women


of the people who work at Liberty Seguros in Spain are women

Gender Equality Initiatives at Liberty Seguros

Liberty for Women

In June 2022, prompted by the DEI Council, Liberty for Women was created, a space to promote leadership and give visibility to female talent. At that time it was aimed at brokers but has since been extended to our employees.

Wellness Program for women

We have developed a wellness program dedicated exclusively for women to recognise and support the different health needs of women. Our wellbeing resource catalogue now includes nutrition to support women's health at different stages of their lives (e.g maternity, menopause, etc.), breast cancer awareness information and resources to support women's emotional wellbeing at different times (e.g. post-natal depression).

Work-life balance

The Liberty Digital Way is our commitment to transversally transform the company and evolve towards a digital work model based on trust and responsibility. A model that offers all Liberty Seguros employees the possibility of permanent telecommuting, with the flexibility of continuing to visit the offices up to 8 days a month. The Be Digital training is key in this transformation, offering all employees training to take positive advantage of the digital environment. Work-life balance measures in Liberty Seguros are very well valued by employees, achieving one of the highest score in eNPS.

Within a digital and working from home model disconnection is essential. In 2021, we launched the Right to Disconnect policy to create and develop a culture in which employees feel they can disconnect from work and work-related devices outside of their normal working hours and during leave or holidays, and where employees’ personal time is respected. In Spain, we collaborated with labor unions in developing the policy.

DEI Training

We have trained all our managers and employees in DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion), we have included this aspect in one of our strategic priorities. We have also reviewed all our processes to ensure fairness in all of them and, periodically, we measure that employees feel they can be themselves in the workplace and confirm that they feel Liberty is a company committed to society.