Corporate Governance

Operating a strong, ethical and responsible business

Operating with the highest standards of corporate governance has always been a top priority for Liberty. Using our Values as a north star, our Board of Directors, management and employees share a commitment to operating a strong, ethical and responsible business.

Through our governance framework, management practices and compliance policies we achieve accountability and transparency across all levels of our business.

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Meet our Management team

Meet the Executive Management team that leads Liberty Seguros' operations in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Spain and Portugal with the highest standards of corporate governance.

Liberty Digital Way

Ethics & Compliance

Acting responsibly is one of our five corporate values, as such we are committed doing business with integrity. Ethical behaviour amongst our teams is guided by our Code of Conduct. Through awareness programmes, discussions, and training, we promote an ethical culture at all levels of our business.

ESG Governance

The world around us is changing. Issuing including climate change, cybersecurity threats, social inequities and more continue to grow in importance for our business, people and customers. We are working to ensure that we are recognising ESG-related risk and that we can evaluate progress against goals and measure success.