Liberty Digital Way

Our people-first digital working model

A digital, flexible working model

We worked closely with employees to create a new people-first working model.

The Liberty Digital Way is a model based on trust, flexibility and well-being that allows all Liberty in Europe employees to work digitally from wherever they want in their own country.

What Liberty Digital Way stands for: 

Digital & Cloud-based

Wherever you are


Encouraging diversity, equity, and inclusion

Putting people first

A model for work-life balance

People empowerment

Enabling our people to build a better future

Personal and professional well-being

At Liberty, we organise our professional life around our personal life because we truly believe that progress happens when people feel safe & secure

That's why our new work model empowers everyone in the company to enjoy their lifestyle by prioritising their physical and emotional wellbeing as we work to make things better every day for our customers and partners. 

99% of people working at Liberty chose to join the new digital working model 

Liberty employee working from home

Liberty Digital Way launch

Approaching a bold digital organisational model.

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