Supporting inclusion with the ‘Cascais Corrida de Natal by Liberty Seguros’

Published on 28 November 2022
Noticia Corrida Liberty

On Thursday, 08 December, the Portuguesse edition of the Liberty Race will see the streets of Cascais in Portugal filled with participants running for inclusion. This event follows on from the Carrera Liberty in Madrid in May and the Dublin edition - the IWA Run’n’Roll, proudly supported by Liberty Insurance - in September.

Liberty is commited to supporting greater equity, diversity and inclusion within society, and central to this commitment is greater support and allyship with people with functional disabilities. Through these events, we not only raise funds for inclusive projects and charities but promote a more inclusive society for people with disabilities.

All the funds raised through the Cascais Corrida de Natal by Liberty Seguros will go directly to causes that support people with disabilities. This first edition of the race in Portugal will focus on supporting adapted sports for people with disabilities through a donation of €10,000 distributed among three innovative and inclusive projects:

  • SURFaddict - Portuguese Association of Adapted Surfing: SURFaddict aims to make surfing available to people with disabilities. The funds raised through the race will enable the association to attain additional adapted surf boards.
  • Grupo de Instrução Popular de Amoreira: This group provides physical therapy to people with Parkinsons disease. The race will support the group in acquiring new equipment for motor coordination and reflexes.
  • APCL - Associação de Paralisia Cerebral de Lisboa: APCL supports people with cerebral palsy, related neurological conditions, and their families. The project will use the funds raised through the race to purchase new equipment so that their members can take part in running, triathlon and swimming events.

The Carrera Liberty was born in 2008 in the city of Madrid to promote inclusion and give visibility to disability. Fourteen years after its debut, in the summer of 2022, the spirit of the Liberty Race reached Ireland with the IWA Run'n'Roll race. And in the same year, on 08 December, our support for inclusion and for people with disabilities will reach the city of Lisbon, with the Cascais Corrida de Natal by Liberty Seguros.

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