Liberty launches Christmas campaign; its Christmas action dedicated to the power of people and shared experiences to fulfill dreams

Published on 12 December 2023
Ana & Emilia

●Liberty Insurance’s campaign will support Kare, an organisation that focuses on the inclusion of people with disabilities within the workplace, and with two other charity initiatives in Portugal and Spain

●The campaign, which tells a story of hope starring a deaf grandmother and her granddaughter, has been launched in Spain, Portugal, and across the island of Ireland 

● As part of its commitment to sustainability, Liberty Seguros undertakes various initiatives that promote disability-inclusive sports. The Liberty Race, which takes place in Spain, Portugal, and Ireland, is one such initiative. Furthermore, Liberty Seguros provides support to the Spanish Paralympic Committee.

Liberty Seguros has launched “Emilia”, the centrepiece of its Christmas initiative, which focuses on how the people we meet and the experiences we share give us the strength to build a future where our dreams are fulfilled. 

The campaign started last Tuesday with a teaser video and was shared this morning on Liberty's internal channels and social networks in the three markets in which the company operates: Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Specifically, the campaign tells the story of Ana, who finds herself facing challenges in overcoming her own doubts and fears. She is navigating the obstacles of opening her own business - a business that her grandmother, Emilia, ran exceptionally well. However, she manages to find strength in the people around her. Thus, she finds the answer in her grandmother Emilia, from whom she has learned the best recipes and tips on how to take care of her customers. She knows that her family and friends are always there to help her out through their hard work and honesty, which in turn, creates a better society.   

With “Emilia”, Liberty wants to acknowledge those who we surround ourselves with and tell a story of hope, in line with its corporate purpose to help people embrace today and confidently pursue tomorrow.

Santos Suárez, director of Communication, Sustainability and Corporate Reputation said, ”Emilia is a story with which, we at Liberty want to recognise those who give meaning to who we are and everything we do: colleagues, clients, brokers, partners…all those with whom we are looking forward to continuing and sharing an exciting future.”

Liberty, committed to its values

With this campaign, Liberty will collaborate with three European organisations that support and promote the employment and entrepreneurship of people with disabilities, an area in which the company has been supporting social groups for more than fifteen years. As such, Liberty will support the work of Fundación Prevent in Spain, Semear in Portugal and Kare in Ireland

In Ireland, Liberty will support Kare, who champions inclusion for individuals with intellectual disabilities by offering supported employment programs. These programs aim to help people with disabilities secure long-term and sustainable employment, while also providing businesses with valuable workers, helping them build a future where their dreams are fulfilled.